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We have 30 chalets with secure individual outdoor runs, and 5 chalets comprising of indoor accommodation only - often preferred by customers whose cats do not normally have outside access.


We also have 13 individual cat cottages

In addition, we have 2 isolation units, and 3 hold over units.




All indoor chalets measure a minimum of 9’ x 6’ and are fitted with cushion flooring. Each section of the cattery has its own individual colour scheme. Each unit has a raised indoor shelf and a covered bed for each cat boarding with us.

We provide sheepskin bedding, but we are happy for you to bring your own - sometimes it can help your pet to settle in if it has something from home which smells familiar - bedding or a toy is ideal.

All chalets are equipped with litter trays, individual scoops, dustpan and brushes (to alleviate any risk of cross infection from litter trays), chairs, toys and seperate food and water dishes - some of the chalets also have scratch posts.

Each chalet has a perspex cat flap fitted which can be propped open for those cats who are not used to a flap - these can be left open throughout the day and night or closed to suit. These lead out to a 6’ x 4’ outside run (protected by a safety passage) where you will find little garden seats, with hanging toys to keep our feline friends amused.

Music is played in the chalets throughout the day, as we try to keep the day to day sounds and routines as home orientated as possible. Thus making happier & contented residents.

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We have 5 individual cottages in 'Fizzy's Garden'. These cottages are set in a secluded landscaped area with lily pond and each one has its own individual run with garden swings . They are all fully insulated and have thermostat controlled heaters. Each cottage is fitted with a cat flap and integral saftey passage.

Scotch Corner is our second cottage area - offering a choice of 8 ajoining wooden cabins - they are similar to the accommodation in 'Fizzy's Garden' but are set at the side of the main cattery and are fully enclosed.

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What We Do


We start work each day in the cattery at 8.00am. First job of the day is to open up each unit and check every cat, we also administer any AM medications at this point. Once this is done we attend to each individual cat - litter trays are scooped, floors are scrubbed, bedding is checked (brushed or replaced), food and water dishes are replenished and wet feeds are given where required. The rest of the morning is spent giving time and attention to the cats in our care.

After lunch we go back out into the cattery to scoop litter trays and offer wet feeds to those cats requiring it. We always aim to provide the same diet as your pet is fed at home. In the afternoon we spend a lot of time with the cats including play and grooming. We also use this time to keep up with general house keeping duties such as washing bedding and dishes, and general maintenance.

We do a final scoop and PM medications before closing for the day.

Final checks are done between 8PM - 10PM daily.

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