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Fees & Terms


1 Cat                                          £14.50

2 Cats sharing                         £21.00

Scotch Corner

1 Cat                                          £17.00

2 Cats sharing                          £24.00

3 Cats sharing                          £30.00

Fizzy's Garden Cottages

                         1 Cat                                          From £18 (low peak)

 2 Cats                                        £24.00

      3 Cats                                        £30.00     

 4 Cats                                        £34.00

                        5-6 Cats                                     price on application


For 3 or more cats, why not consider one of our own cat cottages at specialist prices.

Each cottage has its own garden area, heater, and bay window to bird watch. Ask staff for further details. All prices are subject to change.

Please note: If you collect your cat early, you will be charged for the duration of your booked stay.


Prices are inclusive of non prescription food, heating, insurance, cat litter and of course, “the cuddles still come free”. All prices are per day.

We welcome diabetic cats and charge an extra £3.00 per day on top of our usual rate for their care.


Minimum fees for 1 night stays and over the Christmas period apply.

Bank Holidays will incur a single £3.00 surcharge per day.

A 10% discount is offered for stays over 21 days .



1x night stay (collection AM) for 1 cat in a chalet- £18.00

1x night stay (collection AM) for 2 cats sharing in a chalet - £28

1x night stay (collection AM) for 3 cats / Scotch Corner - £38

1x night stay (collection AM) in our garden cottages - £40


We are still happy to have your cat for an overnight stay if you need us.




Please Note:- We will not open the cattery after hours as this only disturbs the animals once settled.


7 Day Cancellation Policy


We would like to respectfully remind you that once your booking is confirmed, you do become liable for the fees pertaining to that booking. If you collect your cat before the end of the booked period, full fees are still payable for the whole of your pre-booked stay. Cancellations and/or changes will be accepted up to 7 clear days prior to, & not including, the first day of your booking.

If you need to cancel due to an emergency, please contact the cattery for advice.


Emergencies or Illness


Cattery Vet

With 100% trust in their care.

In case of an emergency or illness we will always attempt to contact your own vet, however if this is not possible we will ask the cattery vet to examine your cat. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner.

When you drop off your cat, we will always ask you for an emergency contact number so we can discuss any problems we have with your cat before consulting your vet.


  •  Your cat must be vaccinated against CAT FLU and FELINE INFECTIOUS ENTERITIS

  •  We will need to see your cat's vaccination certificate.

  •  Prior to your stay please treat your cat for fleas and worms.

  •  We are unable to accept entire males for boarding over the age of 9 months. Entire females over 9 months at the discretion of the owners. Please call to discuss.

  •  We request that cat collars are removed prior to your cat arriving; any cat still wearing a collar will have it removed for the duration of it's stay for safety reasons.



We reserve the right to assume ownership of any cat /cats which remain uncollected 2 weeks after the agreed collection date. In these circumstances the proprietors will take any action we consider reasonable to re-home the said cat or cats.




* Accommodation is charged on a daily basis.

* Cats needing special care or medication are welcome.

* Individual diets catered for.

* Large spacious heated chalets 9' x 4'.

* Covered outside runs, 6'x 4' with safety passage.

* 24 hour attention - daily grooming.

* Cuddles come free.

Above all we offer loving care for your Pets.





Diabetic Injections                              £3 p/day

Administer own flea / worm                   £2.50

Administer own medication        £0.50 p/day



Nail Clip                                        £10.00

In House Groom               From £28.00

Bank Holiday         £3 per unit per day

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